Employee On-Site Training

(Half day)

Our Flagship training program gives your employees the knowledge and skills they need to identify emerging aggression, and take proper action. Training enables employees to recognize someone who may be a low-level aggressor, and properly intervene to stop them from progressing to active violence. Employees are thus equipped to become the front line of violence prevention in your workplace.

What We Offer

We conduct Evidence- Based practical prevention/ intervention and emergency response training that applies to every workplace, place of worship, hospitals and schools.

Our approach is unique because it places more emphasis on PREVENTION than in other ‘active shooter response” training which is so common today. And for a good reason.

We actually teach your employees how to identify a potential cognitive killer by identifying their patterns of emerging aggression that lead to extreme violence.

It is possible to identify a low level aggressor before they become a killer. The key is to know what behaviors to look for, how to intervene, and when to report escalating behaviors of concern. With this training, your employees will actually be equipped with the knowledge to stop the aggressors on in their pathway to violence.

Your employees will learn evidence-based techniques to identify behaviors of concern from a person who might be a level 2 or 3 primal aggressor and intervene to stop them from becoming a level 8 or 9 cognitive aggressor which is the mass murderer or murder-suicide killer.

The ultimate goal is to stop the progression to extreme violence BEFORE they come to your location with a weapon.

Our training approach incorporates Evidence-Based prevention techniques that include:

Who should attend?

All employees


  • Half day course.
  • Retail price is $2,500 for the full course up to 20 attendees. Contact us for group pricing
  • We can conduct 2 sessions per day. Morning class and afternoon class.

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