Consulting To Meet Your Security Needs

Pete Van Beek and his network of specialists provide initial and ongoing security consulting and training services for medical facilities, business, schools and churches in need of improving their overall level of Security, Emergency Preparedness and Workplace Violence Prevention/ Intervention.

Our unique approach to enhancing your organization’s level of security will begin with a comprehensive Security Threat and Vulnerability Survey. We then provide an Assessment of the business, facility and operations.

This will include reviewing current controls in place, access and controlled entry, history of violence or theft, personnel security, physical location security, company policies and procedures as well as investigating any threats that have been made or carried out.

After identifying any and all security gaps, a comprehensive security plan will be developed addressing each finding discovered during the survey. Budgets for corrective actions will be discussed during this stage of the work so the client can be completely aware of the costs associated with remediation and implementation.

“We offer the highest form of “evidence-based” programs for organizations of all types to dramatically improve the safety and productivity of their employees by advancing their effectiveness in preventing workplace violence”.

Custom Security Consulting

It’s impossible to have a “one size fits all” approach when developing a robust security loss prevention program. From our initial consultation to the finished work product, we work together with our clients to ensure the maximum effectiveness of a completely custom security program based on the individual needs of your operation.

Incident Investigations

Unfortunately, no one can prevent every security event from happening. When an incident occurs, an investigation by professionals is sometimes necessary to determine practices, procedures or policies that can be improved to reduce future loss experience.

As Certified Forensic Interviewers, we are able to determine the actual cause of many types of incidents. The information collected will be critical in determining which specific plans and programs need to be developed to ensure similar security incidents are not repeated.


The main ingredient for the success of any corporate, school, church or healthcare facility security program…Training.

Our training experts will then personally conduct on-site training for employees on each of element of the new security program including policies/ procedures, equipment, processes, awareness training and crisis response.

Pete Van Beek has been providing custom corporate security programs and training for employees or individuals since 1985. If you’re concerned about your current level of security or Violence prevention status, then contact us today for a free consultation.

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Risk, Threat, Security Vulnerability Assessments

Security Threat and Vulnerability Surveys and Assessments are absolutely essential for any organization. We will identify your business vulnerabilities by utilizing our Online- Security Survey tool. This will be the foundation that your custom program will be developed.

Policy and Procedure Development

We are experts with many years of corporate experience in developing the written policies and procedures that your employees must be aware of and trained from.

Facilities/Physical Security

We will perform an assessment of your physical location (facilities) to evaluate detection systems, deterrent techniques, access control, perimeter security, network security and infrastructure supporting the security program while identifying security vulnerabilities, loss, and risk exposure.

Event Security

If you’re hosting an event with guests that include corporate officials, political figures, dignitaries or other high profile attendees it’s quite possible that it will require a security plan for the event. This does not mean that you need intimidating muscle bound bodyguards who make everyone feel uncomfortable. What you do need is a professional security threat assessment and analysis performed.

After completing the security evaluation, we will create a unique security plan for that specific event to ensure the safety and security of all attendees. Options can include location video monitoring, access controls, personal protection specialists, Police, guard services, emergency response or any combination of the above.

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