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We are proud to offer several books that are entertaining, empowering and instructive. Explore our books that teach:


A citizen’s guide to understanding, preventing and surviving a domestic terrorism attack on our streets. In his most recent book, Domestic Terrorism On Our Streets, Pete addresses the most current terror risks and outlines practical techniques that anyone can use to prevent or effectively respond to a domestic terror attack on our streets.

TOUGH MARK for Women

Real life personal security and assault prevention techniques for everyday citizens. Originally written for women, this book now contains information vital to every person of any age.


An engaging story of a child’s struggle with a new bully at school. Perfect for young readers who may be dealing with bullying issues. Parents will also find the book to be an invaluable tool for discussing the issue of bullying with their children.


Written and produced for the Dept. Homeland Security/ TSA (2001)

About the Author

Peter Van Beek, author of Operation Secure Transport, is a nationally recognized security expert with more than 30 years of experience training corporations, the federal government, and individuals in ways to become a harder target against terrorist attacks, workplace violence and predator assaults. In addition to developing the Tough Mark personal safety seminar series, Peter has consulted with the Department of Homeland Security, testified before the National Transportation Safety Board, and developed award-winning security training for the transportation industry.

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